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Тема: Question about Orange bonuses/ship + equipment names
Offline spacedust

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« Ответ #15 : 06.01.2009 03:31:07 »
Yes, there's something wrong with the progression. I'm flying it now and I can pretty much confirm that it's only +10. The artifact scannerplus tells me that my total is 47%, which is 37% due to my generator and 10% due to the ship.

Did someone noticed that the special ship "Invulnerable housing IV" is actually worse than it´s predecessor?
It has the same stats as the version "II" +10, instead of the +20 to field generator it should add.

It´s a text typo or the game actually treat the hull like a +10 only?
Бессрочное "Чёрное сердце" за мат.
Offline nctr

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« Ответ #16 : 06.01.2009 04:14:28 »
josemaloco, all right, just Invulnerable IV vs III also give +10% to hullsize, and has opened forsage slot. similiarly with all other unique hulls.
Offline josemaloco

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« Ответ #17 : 07.01.2009 02:05:51 »
I´ll keep my trusty mioplasmatic IV hull then. Nothing like the sweet sound of non-government-approved overpowered weapons.
Offline Anakey

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« Ответ #18 : 18.03.2009 00:00:23 »
i actually like the Bolid hull that you get from the science station, getting the dom kills are easy but its the text quest that i can't stand  :mad: so finding 20 quests with only 1/4 of the map is a pain but teh ship is a beuty when you get it, after the upgrade i stick an Armorpackage mm to make up for the -5 armour reduction by decreasing the space which in turn increases speed. trying to find a high speed low weight dom engine is hard (i think dom stuff has the same tech level as human seems to not be as durable as galean) anyway a fully upgraded Tortion reactor with the Divma mm meens very fast ship and plenty of space for the other stuff as well as about 500 cargo space
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