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sid meier's pirates


anyone played this game? i played it a little and it was a good game it had a lots of potential, they could add a lot of things that would make the game a lot better (and remove some other supposedly realistic things that make the game like a chore) 

i think a lot of people like pirate games (like i do with space rangers :P) if developers of games like king bounty and space rangers (or maybe our beloved developers of space rangers 2: a war apart) could work on such a thing it would sell a lot (i think the general structure of a pirate game should be like this games)

Never played pirates, nothing to answer. Played civilization for many years, but not this game.

Yeah! Pirates - good game :yes:
Capture island, protection of island, sea battles, town walking, just married'ing, privateering :)

1991 or 1992 or 1993 :unwit:... Krasnoyarsk Theacher's Training Institute, faculty of Math & IT... 1 floor, cab. 1-06... Beer, sigarettes, Civilization, Pirates, Dune 2 and other :gamer: :D

bulDOSer i played civ games a lot i like turn base games (i need time to think for the best solution that's why i am so bad in arcade games :P) but pirate is somehow different from other sid meier's games its more an action games (turn base action game) there is some strategy battles too, its very similar to space rangers 2 game

fbrown do u mean u was a student in university in 1991-1993 then move to the better life of freelancer ;) if that's so i should say my life is exactly like yours 7 years of studying in university and then moving to cigarettes, playing games and sometimes beers (alchoholic beverage is banned in my country :|) the only thing i hate about sid meier's pirate is dancing mini game (well because i dont have any reflexe :P)


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