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nikotin withrdrawal is very annoying


agh i am trying to quite smoking u know i used 40 cigaret a day its my first time trying to quite and i know i will succeed wish me luck friends :P i currently dont and cant do anything except lying in my back LOL
(can i post such a things here? its like a general purpose forum so i thought i post it here if its not right delete it right away :))

I understand you want to add information about how harmful smoking is? Or what? Yes, and I wish you luck with all my heart!

nope should there be some information? i was sharing of my heart content with my fellow space rangers
but i will share my little 6 years of smoking with u too
i love everybit of smoking and i still love it ,smoking is lovely its very good, but i love my beautiful teeth too in only 6 years my hard as a rock teeth witch i was very proud of return to ashes so also i realy like smoking i kiss him and said goodbye i wont regret being a smoker and i wont regret quiting the smoking too :)

Would like to have your expirience here, think of quitting too.


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